Source: ABC Rural – Sally Bryant, Skye Manson

The first commercial harvest of asparagus in 30 years is about to get underway in Cowra in the central west of New South Wales. Asparagus was once a mainstay for farmers in the region who sold their produce direct to local processors for the tinned vegetable market.

Ed Fagan’s family farm had more than 200 hectares of asparagus under cultivation in the 1950s and 60s. He said this year’s crop will be far smaller than that, but will be sold as fresh product. “To have asparagus back in Cowra gives us something that’s slightly different,” he said. “At the moment it’s very much a go-to item. People are buying it and the in-store growth in asparagus is quite large. “The amount we’re doing is not enough to flood the market at all, so I’m quite excited about it.”

Farmer Ed Fagan on asparagus production in Cowra – ABC News – Audio: